North County Transit District 2501-2512

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North County Transit District 2501-2512 is wheelchair accessible.

North County Transit District 2501-2512 are 2007 New Flyer C40LF buses.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins Westport C Gas Plus Allison B400R 5 speed 38: American Seating 6468 2501-2511: TwinVision Amber LED
2512: Luminator Titan White


During the past nine years preceding this order, the need to replace aging equipment that have surpassed the FTA minimal requirements has been the top priority for North County Transit District. This series originated from an option of 45 additional buses included in the contract of 23 New Flyer CNG low-floor buses made in August 2004; they exercised 33 of the optional order five months later. One year after the delivery of the 2005 New Flyer C40LF buses, the board decided to approve the remainder of the optional order, with delivery slated for summer 2007.[1] However, the buses were built in early fall 2007 with the actual delivery taking place at the end of that year to the beginning of 2008. They replaced all seven of the 1993 diesel Flxible Metros and some of the 1997 New Flyer D40LF buses, effectively placing the latter in the contingency fleet.

The buses here are mostly similar to their 2004-2005 counterparts; unlike the earlier series, they featured the revised 2002 dashboard layout with electronic odometer, 4th gen Allison transmission, slightly different MAN axles, and the revised EPA 2007-style rear-side cooling vents.

The CNG tanks from this series are presumably set to expire in 2027.


Thumbnail Build
VIN License
Status/Disposal Notes
2501 North County Transit District 2501-a.jpg 2007 5FYC4FP007C032532 1262763 Active
2502 North County Transit District 2502-a.jpg 2007 5FYC4FP027C032533 1262764 Active
2503 2007 5FYC4FP047C032534 1262765
(Prev. 1201251)
2504 2007 5FYC4FP067C032535 1262750 Active
2505 2007 5FYC4FP087C032536 1262749 Active
2506 North County Transit District 2506-a.jpg 2007 5FYC4FP0X7C032537 1262766 Active
2507 2007 5FYC4FP017C032538 1262768 Active
2508 2007 5FYC4FP037C032539 1262746 Active
2509 2007 5FYC4FP0X7C032540 1262747 Active
2510 North County Transit District 2510-a.jpg 2007 5FYC4FP017C032541 1262771 Active
2511 North County Transit District 2511-a.jpg 10/2007 5FYC4FP037C032542 1262748 Active
2512 10/2007 5FYC4FP057C032543 1262770 Active Retrofitted with a Luminator Titan White LED sign and LED headlights in 2012.[2][3]