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Nova Bus LFSe
Nova Bus LFSe (2015) demonstrator-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 2011 to present
Length 40 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Electric
Nova Bus LFSe (2015) demonstrator-b.jpg

The Nova Bus LFSe is a battery-electric powered transit bus sold in Canada and the United States. The bus is charged via a pantograph that is lowered from a charging station. With the fast charging system, the bus can be recharged in six minutes and can operate for an average of one hour between charges.[1]


In March 2010, the Quebec government announced in their budget plans for an electric transit bus built in the province for 2013.[2] This was the first project of the Electric Bus Consortium. The companies involved in this project were Nova Bus, Bathium, Giro, Précicad, René Matériaux Composites, and TM4.

In September 2010, Nova Bus held an exchange of ideas with Volvo sister company and electric bus producer, Shanghai Sunwin Bus. Among the ideas discussed was the development of super capacitors for the North American market.[3] In early 2011, the STL was interested in purchasing a fully electric transit bus to trial. Nova Bus responded as did DesignLine International, however the latter's price was more favourable. They were also able to deliver a bus by early 2012 as opposed to 2013.

Nova Bus first presented their LFSe prototype at the 2011 APTA EXPO in New Orleans, Louisiana.[4] A formal presentation was held at their facility in Saint-Eustache, Quebec on September 27, 2012. The version shown was a plug-in vehicle that had a range of 120 kilometres and could be fully charged in four hours.[5]

On November 22, 2013, the STM and Nova Bus signed an agreement for the trial of three LFSe buses in Montreal. Non-service demonstration was scheduled to start in the third quarter of 2015 with regular passenger operation beginning in the fall of 2016. Known as Cité Mobilité, the trial would gather real-world data with respect to electric buses.[6][7]

Nova Bus introduced their latest iteration of the LFSe, which uses a pantograph rapid charging station developed by Siemens, at the 2014 APTA Expo. The batteries are also distributed and concealed in a different manner to offer a cleaner roofline. Two battery packs are located on the roof and two more are located in the rear.

By the end of December 2016, two charging stations were constructed near Square Victoria and Terminus Angrignon in Montreal. The first of the STM's Cité Mobilité buses was delivered to their LaSalle Garage on December 14, 2016. Non-service testing commenced in January 2017. All three buses entered passenger service on May 24, 2017.


The STM is the first to receive the production LFSe.
Length: 40' / 12.2m
Width: 102" / 2.6m
Height: 130" / 3.32m
Wheelbase: 244" / 6.20m
Turning radius: 40' 10" / 12.45m
TM4 SUMO HD LSM280 230 kW / 2700 Nm
Energy storage
4 Volvo high voltage lithium-ion batteries in parallel
Front axle
ZF RL 85
Rear axle Availability
ZF AV 132 2011 to 2018
ZF AV 133 2018 onward
Disk brakes w/ ABS & traction control
Thermo King AM2 E700
Electrical system
Volvo Bus Electronic Architecture
Composite subfloor w/ Altro Transflor or Gerflor Tarabus floors


Canada Flag of Canada.png

Demonstrator and engineering units

Below is a list of known demonstrator and engineering buses using electric configurations.

Fleet number Thumbnail Year VIN Notes
2008 2NVYL82U893000019
  • 2009 model
  • Formerly diesel demo #456-1, numbered 0919 while briefly loaned to CITSV in 2010.
  • Sent to Shanghai Sunwin Bus for development.
  • Debuted at September 2012 press conference in lime green livery (plug-in, slow charge).
Nova Bus LFSe demonstrator-a.jpg 2010 4RKYL82U0A4000153
  • Former MTA New York demo 0056.
  • LFSe prototype displayed at APTA 2011 (en route charging).
  • LFSe prototype displayed at APTA 2014 (in-line fast-charge with Siemens pantograph).
Nova Bus LFSe demonstrator A91903-a.jpg 2015
  • License plate A 91903.
  • Displayed for ATUQ delegates October 2015.
  • Flush-mounted windows, dual headlights, green seats, white signs, no rear window.
  • Seen doing test drives in the St-Eustache area on several occasions.
Nova Bus LFSe (2015) demonstrator-a.jpg 2015 2NVYL82M6F3750000
  • License plate A 91905
  • Cité Mobilité trial vehicle
  • Unveiled at 2015 CUTA Trans-Expo in Montreal
  • Traditional windows, single headlights, green seats, amber signs, rear window
  • Received green and blue stripe livery in 2016
  • Submitted for Altoona Test in 2017
2017 4RKYL82M6H9275900
  • Symmetrical ceiling on the inside
  • Built in Plattsburgh
  • Displayed at UITP 2017 in Montreal
  • Otherwise identical to the Trans-Expo bus above


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