Optare MetroDecker

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Optare MetroDecker
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Years of manufacture 2014 to present
Length 10.5 or 11.1 metres
Width 2500 millimetres

The Optare MetroDecker is a low floor, double deck transit bus. It was officially launched in May 2014 at London’s Covent Garden. Optare had announced that an integral Olympus would be made available in 2010. A Mercedes-Benz-engined prototype was built, but focus moved to developing a new model.

The bus's frame is constructed from tubular stainless steel, with the roof and body panels composed of glass-fiber reinforced polymer. The lower front and rear sections of the bus share the same aesthetic as the Tempo SR and MetroCity. The optional second door is placed almost immediately after the front wheels. This affords direct access to the wheelchair position behind the staircase.

At the 2016 Euro Bus Expo, Optare unveiled their battery-electric MetroDecker EV prototype. It was built to Transport for London specification and would enter service with Go-Ahead London in early 2017 for trial and development. A fully electric drivetrain supplied by Magtech includes lithium iron magnesium phosphate batteries that give the bus a forecasted range of between 105 and 145 miles on a single charge.[1] The production MetroDecker EV was displayed at the 2018 Euro Bus Expo. It promised a range of 150 miles and featured fully electric heating. Metroline was the launch customer and placed 31 MetroDecker EV buses into service in 2019.