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The Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Company, also known as the Red Arrow Lines is a former public transit carrier, predating today's Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), with the SEPTA routes 101 and 102 light rail lines still operating on their former interurban lines.


Besides Routes 101 and 102, there were also two other, now defunct, Red Arrow trolley lines. The direct ancestor of the SEPTA Route 104 bus line went to West Chester, splitting off from the rest of the system right after 69th Street Transportation Center onto West Chester Pike. The tracks continued all the way up West Chester Pike.

West Chester trolleys were replaced by buses in 1954 due to widening of West Chester Pike; rush-hour trips to Westgate Hills lasted until 1958. Tracks remained in use for access to the Red Arrow's carbarn in Llanerch until SEPTA closed the barn in 1971; all tracks were soon removed except for a portion near 69th Street that SEPTA occasionally uses to store out-of service trolleys.

The other now-defunct Red Arrow trolley line went to Ardmore until December 1966. It split from the West Chester line at Llanerch and continued on its own exclusive right-of-way. Much of the right-of-way still remains between Schauffele Plaza in Ardmore (the former terminus of the line) and Eagle Road in Havertown, although the tracks were removed and the right-of-way paved for dedicated use by the replacement bus line, now SEPTA Route 103. The 103 still uses this private right-of-way, although much of its other street routing has changed. Until the 1970s, Routes 101 and 102 were interurbans.



Outer terminals

  • Media
  • Sharon Hill
  • Ardmore
  • West Chester

Inner terminal

  • 69th Street Terminal


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