Prevost Car X3-45

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Prevost X3-45
Prevost X3-45
Years of manufacture 2005 to present
Length 45 feet
Width 102 inches
Prevost X3-45

The Prevost Car X3-45 is a 45-foot long motorcoach and successor to the LeMirage XL-II. Introduced at the end of 2005, the X3-45 made its official debut at the 2006 UMA Motorcoach Expo in Tampa, Florida.

Design history

The X3-45's frame is constructed from welded stainless steel and low-alloy high-tensile steel sections. The coach's outer stainless steel skin is welded to the frame.

The X3-45's design is based off Prevost's LeMirage XL-II. One of the key differences is an increased wheelbase. The X3-45 currently has both the longest coach wheelbase (334.5 in/8.5 m) and the largest luggage bays (139 sq. ft.) on the market. When introduced, the outward appearance of the XL-II and X3-45 was virtually the same.

To meet EPA 2007 emission standards, the bus needed to be equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). When the DPF regenerates (burns particulate matter), intense heat is created. Prevost decided that the DPF would be mounted vertically with a rooftop diffuser to keep the heat away from passengers, mechanics, and debris. The interior of the coach was reconfigured to keep the same seating capacity while accommodating the after-treatment system.

The outward opening lavatory door was replaced with a sliding door. In 2008, Prevost introduced a new steering wheel design that integrated controls which used to be on the dashboard. Some other controls were relocated to improve user interaction as well.

Prevost introduced the Volvo D13 engine as an option in 2008 as an alternative to the Detroit Diesel Series 60. Detroit Diesel had announced that it would no longer sell its engines to companies outside of the Daimler family beginning in 2010. Detroit Diesel later announced a reversal of their decision, however Prevost coaches remain available exclusively with the Volvo powertrain.[1]

A redesigned instrument panel was introduced for the 2011 model year. It features an improved layout as well as new aesthetic. Prevost also added their AWARE system which monitors and notifies the driver of vehicle spacing. This includes adaptive cruise control and impact alert.

At the end of 2010, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority awarded Prevost a contract for 90 X3-45 coaches as part of a program to evaluate buses from different manufacturers. Prevost developed a commuter version of the X3-45, which was introduced in 2011. "Transit features" such as a full-width destination sign, bi-parting entrance door, sliding wheelchair door, 8D batteries, more mirror options, and revised driver's area were made available.

In 2014, the option for a pantograph-type rear engine door was made available. The original two-piece design was hinged and swung outwards. The tail lights on the new door are configured in a similar manner to the H-Series.

At the 2017 UMA Expo, Prevost introduced their Electric Fan Drive in the X3-45. The system boasts a 4% improvement in fuel economy, better reliability, enhanced performance, and potential decrease in maintenance costs. It features six fans for the radiator and two for the charge air cooler (CAC). In winter conditions, fan rotation is reversed on a regular basis, pushing out snow, ice, and sleet. In summer conditions, fans are periodically turned off to allow debris blocking air flow to drop away.[2]

At the 2019 UMA Expo, Prevost unveiled a redesigned X3-45 with new aerodynamic front and rear caps boasting a 10% improvement in fuel economy, a reinforced upper structure, and slimmer A-pillars for increased driver's visibility. Additionally, passenger visibility was increased by eliminating the curvature at the top of the side windows and removing a number of support pillars to allow for wider windows. A three-piece windshield was made available to accommodate full-width destination signs. The redesigned coaches were first produced during the 2019 model year with Greyhound USA getting the first production units in the summer of 2019.

Armoured presidential vehicle

Two armoured X3-45 conversions, customized by Hemphill Brothers Coach Company, were purchased by the United States Secret Service in 2011. Before the purchase, the Secret Service would lease buses and have to retrofit them for extra security. It was deemed more cost effective for them to have their own buses instead. The first bus was put to use in August 2011 when President Obama toured the Midwest United States.[3] Critics were quick to point out that the bus was built by Prevost, a Canadian company. The Secret Service defended their decision stating the X3-45 was the only model to their understanding that would support the added weight of their security and communication equipment.[4]


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Demonstrator/engineering units

Fleet number Thumbnail Year VIN Engine Transmission Notes
8999 2006 2PCG3349171028999 Detroit Diesel Series 60 ZF 10AS2300BO
  • Blue with beach scene mural on side.
  • "Best ride & comfort".
9295 2008 2PCG334908C729295
  • White with blue-green curved lines.
9387 2008 2PCG334958C729387 Detroit Diesel Series 60
9608 BC Transit 7112.jpg 2009 2PCG334949C729608
  • Silver and gold curved lines with 85th anniversary lettering.
  • Operated as BC Transit 7112 during Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.
9752 2009 2PCG334909C729752
  • Silver with light and dark blue curved lines.
9890 2010 2PCG33496AC729890
  • Dark blue with lighter blue wavy lines.
  • Commuter specification.
  • White with blue Prevost logo.
  • Displayed at 2010 CUTA Trans-Expo.
  • "Prevost" on sides just above rear wheels.
2011 2PCG33499BC729965 Volvo D13 Allison B500
5102 Prevost Car 5102-a.jpg July 2011 2PCG33493CC735102 Volvo D13 Allison B500
  • Built to MTA New York specifications.
  • White with blue graphics and white Prevost logo.
  • Displayed at 2011 CUTA Trans-Expo.
  • Altoona test bus from May 24, 2012 to October 26, 2012.
  • Sold to WestCAT as 206 in early 2015.
2014 Volvo D13 Allison B500
  • Commuter specification
  • White and grey, "Made in the USA"
  • Displayed at 2014 CUTA Trans-Expo
6041 2016 Volvo D13 Allison B500
  • Commuter specification
  • White and silver, "INSPIRE"
  • Displayed at 2016 United Motorcoach Association Expo
6055 2016 Volvo D13 Allison B500
  • White base
6076 2016 2PCG33493GC736076 Volvo D13 Allison B500
6117 2016 2PCG33490HC736117 Volvo D13 Allison B500
  • Tan base with "MOVING ROCKSTARS" graphics
  • Displayed at 2017 United Motorcoach Association Expo
  • Displayed at 2017 Ontario Transportation Expo
6197 2017 2PCG33492HC736197 Volvo D13
  • White with "MOVING COMMUNITIES" and black skyline graphics.
  • Displayed at 2017 UITP Global Public Transport Summit
7386 2017 4RKJ33498H9737386 Volvo D13 Allison B500
  • White with "MOVING COMMUTERS" and commuter scenes on the windows.
  • Grey and black interior with leather Amaya-Astron GT seats.
  • Displayed at 2017 APTA EXPO.
  • Displayed at 2018 CUTA Transit Show.
6317 2018 2PCJ33493JC736317 Volvo D13 Allison B500
  • Redesigned model with new front and rear caps, structural improvements and wider, upright passenger windows.
  • Commuter specification.
6382 Prevost Car 6382-a.jpg 2019 Volvo D13 Allison B500
  • Redesigned model with new front and rear caps, structural improvements and wider, upright passenger windows.
  • White with "ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?" wrap on the sides.
  • Red and black interior with Amaya Astron Sigma passenger seats.
  • Unveiled at 2019 UMA Expo.
  • Displayed at 2019 Ontario Transportation Expo.


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