Proterra 'G VINs'

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Proterra 'G VINs' were issued for 2016 model buses.


Full VINs are available by clicking on the link to the individual fleet pages (See unit numbers column).

Plant Codes

  • GS - Greenville, SC
VIN Build Date Operator Unit Number Model Notes
GS816091 2016 Transit Authority of River City E14 Catalyst BE40
GS816093-GS816097 2016 Transit Authority of River City E12-E13, E15-E17 Catalyst BE40 Fleet numbers not in order
GS816099 2016 Clemson Area Transit E106 Catalyst BE40
GS816101 2016 Worcester Regional Transit Authority E640 Catalyst BE40
GS816104-GS816108 2016 LexTran 1601-1605 Catalyst BE40
GS816109-GS816111 2016 Pioneer Valley Transit Authority 1410-1412 Catalyst BE40
GS816112-GS816113 2016 University of Montana UDASH 12-13 Catalyst BE40
GS816114-GS816123 2016 Jones Lang LaSalle 1-10 Catalyst BE40
GS816124 2016 Proterra Demo Catalyst BE40
GS816125-GS816134 2016 San Joaquin Regional Transit District 16401-16410 Catalyst BE40 Fleet numbers not in order

Proterra VINs
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Proterra Vehicle Identification Number Explanation