Proterra ZX5

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Proterra ZX5
Edmonton Transit Service 8001-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 2020 to present
Length 36 or 42 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Electricity

The Proterra ZX5 is a battery-electric transit bus available for sale in the United States and Canada. Available in 35ft and 40ft lengths, it is the company's fifth generation of battery electric bus. The ZX5 was formally launched on September 15, 2020,[1] replacing the Catalyst line of buses. Edmonton Transit System was the launch customer for the 40-foot ZX5. The Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit was the launch customer for the 40-foot ZX5 in the United States.[2]

The ZX5 features the same fibreglass and balsa wood body structure as the Catalyst, but incorporate design changes to both increase battery capacity and standardization with electric vehicle charging protocols. The overall appearance of the vehicle has been made more angular, while the roof fairing has been made more streamlined with provisions for roof-mounted battery packs, as well as integrated SAE J3105 (OppCharge) roof charger rails. The redesigned roof fairing has also resulted in an overall decrease of the vehicle's height by 6 inches.[3] An additional plug-in charge port has also been added ahead of the front doors. The suspension system of the vehicle has also seen improvements. The drivetrain options have been updated with slightly more powerful motor offerings.

The standard ZX5 model, with a 220 kWh energy storage system (corresponding to the previous Catalyst XR model), can travel up to 201 km (35ft) or 193 km (40ft) on a single charge, depending on the configuration of the vehicle. The ZX5+ model with a 440 kWh ESS (corresponding to the Catalyst E2 model) can travel up to 386 km (35ft) or 373 km (40ft) on a single charge. The ZX5MAX is the longest-range option available. With a 660 kWh energy storage system, the ZX5MAX can travel up to 529 km on a single charge. The ZX5MAX battery option is only available for the 40-foot length ZX5.

The ZX5 can be charged using the SAE J3105 (OppCharge) overhead pantograph charging protocol, or with a J1772 CCS charger in the depot. The ZX5 with any battery option can be fully charged in around 2.9 hours using the OppCharge overhead charging system.[4] Utilizing plug-in charging, the standard ZX5 takes around 2.9 hours to be fully charged, while the ZX5MAX takes around 4.7 hours to be fully charged.


Length: 11.25m (36.9') or 12.95m (42.5')
Width: 2.59m (102")
Height: 3.25m (128")
Wheelbase: 35ft: 6.17m (20.2'); 40ft: 7.52m (24.7')
Turning Radius: 35ft: 10.97m (36'); 40ft: 12.78m (41.9')
GVWR: 35ft: 19,051 kg; 40ft: 19,799 kg
Traction motor Availability
ProDrive drivetrain UQM HD250 250 kW peak permanent magnet motor 2020 to present
DuoPower drivetrain Dual independent Parker GVM310-125 205 kW motors 2020 to present
Eaton EEV-7202 2-speed auto-shift EV transmission
Independent front suspension and multi-link air-ride rear suspension
Regenerative brakes; Four wheel disc brakes w/ ABS and optional traction control
Battery options
Model Nominal range Standard charge time Curb weight
ProDrive ZX5 200 km (35ft); 188 km (40ft) 2.8 hours (OppCharge); 2.9 hours (Plug-In) 12,046 kg (35ft); 12,179 kg (40ft)
DuoPower ZX5 201 km (35ft); 193 km (40ft) 2.8 hours (OppCharge); 2.9 hours (Plug-In) 11,956 kg (35ft); 12,088 kg (40ft)
ProDrive ZX5+ 365 km (35ft); 348 km (40ft) 2.8 hours (OppCharge); 3.4 hours (Plug-In) 13,543 kg (35ft); 13,630 kg (40ft)
DuoPower ZX5+ 386 km (35ft); 373 km (40ft) 2.8 hours (OppCharge); 3.4 hours (Plug-In) 13,453 kg (35ft); 13,539 kg (40ft)
ProDrive ZX5MAX 478 km (40ft) 2.9 hours (OppCharge); 4.7 hours (Plug-In) 15,127 kg (40ft)
DuoPower ZX5MAX 529 km (40ft) 2.9 hours (OppCharge); 4.7 hours (Plug-In) 15,036 kg (40ft)


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Demonstrator and engineering units

Below is a list of known demonstrator and engineering buses.

Fleet number Thumbnail Year VIN Motors Notes
2019 7JZTH13J8KS000191
N/A 11/2021 7JZTH12J0MS000576
  • Displayed at OTE 2022.


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