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The Pullmand-Standard Car Company is a former manufacturer of rail cars, including long distance coaches, interurbans, streetcars and trolleys. In addition, Pullman-Standard manufactured trolley coaches. Pullman-Standard provided numerous major metropolitan areas with high quality rail and bus equipment.


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  • 1862: Pullman company established as the Pullman Palace Car Company.
  • 1867: Pullman company organized.
  • 1894: Pullman Strike occurs.
  • 1897: George Pullman's dies, Robert Todd Lincoln (son of Abraham Lincoln), became company president.
  • 1930: Pullman purchased the Standard Steel Car Company in 1930 amid the Great Depression, and the merged entity was known as Pullman-Standard Car Manufacturing Company.
  • 1955: The company closed its factory in the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago.
  • 1982: Production ceases, with the last order of Amtrak Superliner cars. Its remaining designs were purchased in 1987 when it was absorbed by Bombardier.


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Passenger cars

Interurban cars



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