Réseau de transport de la Capitale 0301-0335

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Réseau de transport de la Capitale 0301-0335 were Nova Bus LFS buses built and delivered in 2003.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins ISC 250 hp ZF 5HP552C 5 speed 35: American Seating 6468 Balios Orange LED


Thumbnail Date VIN License Plate Status/Disposal Special Ads Notes
L0301 2003 2NVYL82S933000164 A 36120 Retired
  • Had a rear wrap for "Globule à la Place Laurier" in 2004.
  • Had a full wrap (except front end) for "Le Casino Charlevoix/Fairmount Le Manoir Richelieu" in 2006.
Has security cameras.
L0302 2003 2NVYL82S033000165 Retired
L0303 2003 2NVYL82S233000166 Retired
L0304 2003 2NVYL82S433000167 A 52590 Retired
L0305 2003 2NVYL82S633000168 Retired
L0306 2003 2NVYL82S833000169 Retired
L0307 2003 2NVYL82S433000170 A 36118 Retired
L0308 Réseau de transport de la Capitale 0308-a.jpg 2003 2NVYL82S633000171 A 29878 Retired Has security cameras.
L0309 2003 2NVYL82S833000172 Retired
L0310 2003 2NVYL82SX33000173 Retired
L0311 2003 2NVYL82S133000174 Retired Has larger rear fleet numbers.
L0312 2003 2NVYL82S333000175 Retired Has security cameras.
L0313 2003 2NVYL82S533000176 Retired Has security cameras.
L0314 2003 2NVYL82S733000177 Retired
L0315 2003 2NVYL82S933000178 Retired Has security cameras.
L0316 2003 2NVYL82S033000179 Retired
L0317 2003 2NVYL82S733000180 A 29879 Retired Has security cameras.
L0318 Réseau de transport de la Capitale 0318-a.jpg 2003 2NVYL82S933000181 Retired
L0319 2003 2NVYL82S033000182 Retired
L0320 2003 2NVYL82S233000183 Retired
L0321 2003 2NVYL82S433000184 Retired
  • Shown at Trans Expo 2003 in Toronto.
  • Has security cameras.
L0322 2003 2NVYL82S633000185 Retired Has security cameras.
L0323 2003 2NVYL82S833000186 A 36132 Retired
L0324 2003 2NVYL82SX33000187 A 36138 Retired
L0325 2003 2NVYL82S133000188 Retired
  • Missing the Nova Bus logo above the driver's area.
  • Has security cameras.
L0326 2003 2NVYL82S333000189 Retired
L0327 2003 2NVYL82SX33000190 Retired
L0328 Réseau de transport de la Capitale 0328-a.jpg 2003 2NVYL82S133000191 A 36135 Retired Had a full wrap (except front end) for "Les Pages Jaunes" in 2004. Has security cameras.
L0329 2003 2NVYL82S333000192 Retired
L0330 2003 2NVYL82S533000193 Retired
L0331 2003 2NVYL82S733000194 Retired
L0332 2003 2NVYL82S933000195 Retired
L0333 2003 2NVYL82S033000196 A 36130 Retired
L0334 Réseau de transport de la Capitale 0334-a.jpg 2003 2NVYL82S233000197 A 36129 Retired
L0335 2003 2NVYL82S433000198 Retired Missing the rear RTC logo (driver's side).