Red Deer Transit 818-824

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Red Deer Transit 818-824 are New Flyer D40LFR buses built in 2009. They have the "Class" rear door system.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Cummins ISL Allison B400R


Fleet Number Thumbnail Date VIN License Plate Status Notes
818 Red Deer Transit 818-a.jpg 2009 2FYD5FV119B035513 Retired
Sold to Sunshine Village as 72 in 2021.
819 2009 2FYD5FV139B035514 Active
820 Red Deer Transit 820-a.jpg 2009 2FYD5FV159B035515 SCY-340 Active
821 Red Deer Transit 821-b.jpg 2009 2FYD5FV179B035516 BND-3606 Active
822 2009 2FYD5FV199B035517 Active
823 Red Deer Transit 823-a.jpg 2009 2FYD5FV109B035518 SJY-303 Retired
Sold to Transit Cape Breton as 7139 in 2021.
824 Red Deer Transit 824-a.jpg 2009 2FYD5FV129B035519 Active Assigned to Red Deer County service (route 12).