Rek-Vee Industries Club Car

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Rek-Vee Industries Club Car
A Rek-Vee Club Car operating for Mississauga Transit
Years of manufacture 1970s
Length 24 feet
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel, gasoline

The Club Car was developed by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Communications in conjunction with UTDC.

The vehicles were built on a Dodge van chassis. The all-fibreglass body was adapted from a RV model that was designed and manufactured by Rek Vee Industries of Scarborough, ON. Funcraft Industries Ltd. of Cambridge then installed the seating and interiors. The Club Car featured 17 perimeter seats. They also featured indirect lighting, under-the-seat ducted heating, and large picture windows. Almost all Club Cars had a single-leaf sedan-type front door.[1]



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