Ride-On 41000D-41006D

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Ride-On 41000D-41006D is wheelchair accessible.

Ride-On 41000D-41006D are 2019 Ford Transit 530 cutaway vans. They are mainly used for Ride-On FLEX service which began in summer of 2019 but can occasionally be found on standard routes.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign


Thumbnail Build
VIN License Plate(s) Garage Status/Disposal Notes
41000D 2019 1FDES8PV8KKA53631 12430LG Nicholson Active
41001D 2019 1FDES8PV3KKA53634 12429LG Nicholson Active
41002D 2019 1FDES8PV7KKA53636 12433LG Nicholson Active
41003D 2019 1FDES8PV1KKA53633 12431LG Nicholson Active
41004D 2019 1FDES8PV9KKA53637 14089LG Nicholson Active
41005D 2019 1FDES8PVXKKA53632 12428LG Nicholson Active
41006D 2019 1FDES8PV5KKA53635 12434LG Nicholson Active