Ride-On 42001D-42039D

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Ride-On 42001D-42039D is wheelchair accessible.

Ride-On 42001D-42039D are 2020-2021 Gillig Low Floor 29' (G27E102R2) buses. They replaced all 29 footer 2008-2009 Gillig Low Floors.

The 2020 units initially entered service from Silver Spring but were then sidelined due to reduced demand. They then re-entered service from Gathersburg garage sometime in spring 2021. The 2021 units would then enter service in summer, 2021, which would push some of the 2020 units to Nicholson garage in October, 2021 to replace some of the 2009 Low Floors. The remaining 2020 and some 2021 units were then moved to Nicholson in March, 2022 to fully replace the 2009 Low Floors.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Cummins L9 Allison B400R



2020 Models

Thumbnail Build
VIN License Plate(s) Garage Status/Disposal Notes
42001D 2020 15GGE2719L3093784 16524LG Nicholson Active
42002D 2020 15GGE2710L3093785 16523LG Nicholson Active
42003D Ride On 42003D-a.jpg 2020 15GGE2712L3093786 16525LG Nicholson Active
42004D 2020 15GGE2714L3093787 16976LG Nicholson Active
42005D 2020 15GGE2716L3093788 16977LG Nicholson Active
42006D 2020 15GGE2718L3093789 16978LG Nicholson Active
42007D 2020 15GGE2714L3093790 16979LG Nicholson Active
42008D 2020 15GGE2716L3093791 16980LG Nicholson Active
42009D 2020 15GGE2718L3093792 16981LG Nicholson Active
42010D 2020 15GGE271XL3093793 16982LG Nicholson Active
42011D 2020 15GGE2711L3093794 16983LG Nicholson Active
42012D 2020 15GGE2713L3093795 16984LG Nicholson Active
42013D 2020 15GGE2715L3093796 16985LG Nicholson Active
42014D 2020 15GGE2717L3093797 16986LG Nicholson Active
42015D 2020 15GGE2719L3093798 16987LG Nicholson Active
42016D 2020 15GGE2710L3093799 16988LG Nicholson Active
42017D 2020 15GGE2713L3093800 16989LG Nicholson Active
42018D 2020 15GGE2715L3093801 16990LG Nicholson Active
42019D 2020 15GGE2717L3093802 16991LG Nicholson Active


2021 Models

Thumbnail Build
VIN Garage License Plate(s) Status/Disposal Notes
42020D 2020 15GGE2716L3093984 18189LG Nicholson Active
42021D 2021 15GGE2716M3093985 21801LG Nicholson Active
42022D 2021 15GGE2718M3093986 21803LG Nicholson Active
42023D 2021 15GGE271XM3093987 21804LG Nicholson Active
42024D 2021 15GGE2711M3093988 21805LG Nicholson Active
42025D 2021 15GGE2713M3093989 21802LG Nicholson Active
42026D 2021 15GGE271XM3093990 21806LG Gathersburg Active
42027D 2021 15GGE2711M3093991 21632LG Gathersburg Active
42028D 2021 15GGE2713M3093992 21633LG Gathersburg Active
42029D 2021 15GGE2715M3093993 21631LG Gathersburg Active
42030D 2021 15GGE2717M3093994 21634LG Gathersburg Active
42031D 2021 15GGE2719M3093995 21636LG Gathersburg Active
42032D 2021 15GGE2710M3093996 21635LG Gathersburg Active
42033D 2021 15GGE2712M3093997 21641LG Gathersburg Active
42034D 2021 15GGE2714M3093998 21642LG Gathersburg Active
42035D 2021 15GGE2716M3093999 21643LG Gathersburg Active
42036D 2021 15GGE2717M3094000 21640LG Gathersburg Active
42037D 2021 15GGE2719M3094001 21638LG Gathersburg Active
42038D 2021 15GGE2710M3094002 21639LG Gathersburg Active
42039D 2021 15GGE2712M3094003 21637LG Gathersburg Active