Ride-On 5801-5802

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Ride-On 5801-5802 is wheelchair accessible.

Ride-On 5801-5802 were 1995 OBI Orion VI (06.501) buses. These were OBI demos and were not owned by Ride On. They were originally numbered 5570-5571. They were originally ordered for Toronto Transit Commission (5801) and York Region Transit (5802) and built under their respective specs, but were rejected. These buses weren't often in revenue service and were retired around 2006.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Cummins L10G Allison B400R


Thumbnail Build
VIN License Plate(s) Status/Disposal Notes
5801 1995 2B1669K76S5040004 LG05053 Retired
5802 1995 2B1669K74S5040003 LG02716 Retired