Saab-Scania N112

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Saab-Scania N112
Connecticut Transit 8824-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 1977 to 1988
Length 12 to 18 metres
Width 2500 millimetres
Power/Fuel Diesel

The Saab-Scania N112, launched as the BR112 in 1977, was a high floor bus chassis with an 11-litre diesel engine mounted transversely at the rear. Complete buses were given the designation CN112 (CR112 prior to 1984). The N112 was built until 1988, when it was replaced by the N113.

The N112 was available in a number of configurations. The N112CLB was a rigid, left-hand drive, standard bus (signified by "CLB") with a right-hand drive version called the N112CRB (signified by "CRB"). The articulated versions were called the N112ALB and N112ARB with the "A" signifying articulated. A right-hand, drive double deck version, known as the N112DRB, was also available.

Between 1984 and 1988 a variant of the CN112, known as the CN112CLU, was built for American and Canadian transit systems.[1] Features unique to this model were the 102-inch-wide body, electrical system, and thick bumpers. In addition, it used a number of standard American parts. The chassis, complete with drivetrain, was imported from Sweden and then bodied at a new facility in Orange, Connecticut.[2] However as demand for transit buses declined, the bus manufacturing facility was closed in 1988.



  • Scania DS11-25, 6 cylinder, 11-litre, 253 hp (in CN112CLU)



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Demonstrator & Engineering Units

Thumbnail Build
VIN Engine Transmission Notes
1982 ? Scania ZF
  • Built by Scania of Sweden.
  • U.S. Demonstrator
1984 1S9N11646EC098001 Scania DS11-25 ZF 4HP500
1984 1S9N11648EC098002 Scania DS11-25 ZF 4HP500
1984 1S9N1164XEC098003 Scania DS11-25 ZF 4HP500
1985 1S9N11644FC098029 Scania DS11-25 ZF 4HP500
1988 1S9N11647JC098227 Scania DS11-25 ZF 4HP500


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