Scania Omni bus range

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Scania Omni bus range
Azienda Consortile Trasporti Veneziani, S.p.A 500-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 1996 to present
Length 11.5 to 18 metres
Width 2550 millimetres
Power/Fuel CNG, Diesel, Ethanol, RME

The Scania Omni bus range is a line of integral buses produced by Scania. The Omni name was introduced with the new range of low floor chassis. The body is integrated with the front and rear axle assemblies. The model name for the complete buses follows the established convention of adding a "C" prefix before the chassis model name.

Scania Omni bus range makes use of modular construction and parts commonality with their trucks. Instead of the steel bodywork used on their previous complete buses, the Omni bus range uses aluminum. The use of aluminum allows for weight savings and better manufacturability. The width of the aisle is 120 millimetres wider than previous buses.[1]

Coincident with the implementation of Euro 4 legislation, the exterior of the Omni bus range was revised. The rectangular sealed beam headlights were replaced with dual projector headlights. The rectangular tail lights were replaced with round lights in a silver bezel. The driver's area was revised with improved ergonomic considerations. The updated line of buses was introduced at Busworld 2005.


Model Description Introduced
OmniCity Low floor city bus with transverse engine 1996
OmniLink Low floor city bus with longitudinal engine 1998
OmniLine High floor bus with longitudinal engine 1999
OmniCity DD Low floor double deck city bus with transverse engine 2005
OmniExpress Coach bus with longitudinal engine 2007