Setra S 417 HDH

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Setra S 417 HDH
Parr Tours NK-779-DZ-a.jpg
European variant
Canadian Armed Forces 71931.jpg
North American variant
Years of manufacture 2001 to 2014 (Europe)
2003 to present (N. America)
Length 45 feet
Width 102 inches
Fuel Diesel
Canadian Armed Forces 71216.jpg

The Setra S 417 HDH is a 14-metre (45-foot) luxury touring coach from Setra's TopClass 400 line. With 17 rows of seats, it can seat up to 59 passengers. The S 417 HDH was launched in Europe in 2001, but was not available in North America until 2003. It continues to be sold in North America while it has been replaced by the TopClass 500 S 517 HDH in Europe.

A distinctive feature of the S 417 HDH and other TopClass 400 coaches is a silver band that facilitates in drawing fresh air into the coach. The TopClass 400 also introduced an option for the TopSky glass roof. This and the rear window option were introduced to North American coaches in 2007. Another feature eventually adopted on North American coaches was the second door before the rear wheels in 2014. In addition, the lavatory can be located ahead of this second stairwell. Setra also introduced the "Club Corner" to North America in 2014. Six or eight seats are arranged in a U-shaped configuration, with a center table and galley at the sides in the rear.[1]

In 2008, Setra introduced Front Collision Guard (FCG) on their coaches. FCG incorporates underrun protection, energy absorption, and a driver's module that is pushed rearwards in a collision. Setra introduced FCG on North American coaches with their EPA 2010 compliant coach at the 2010 UMA Expo in Las Vegas along with new cornering lights and rain and light sensors.[2]

The driver's area features an ISRI air-ride seat equipped with a three-point seatbelt. A heated seat option is available. For the 2011 model-year a new steering wheel with integrated controls was introduced. The instrument panel has a 3D color display, and reversing assist is available for the driver which includes a colour rearview camera.

At the 2017 UMA Expo in St. Louis, Missouri, Setra introduced a facelifted S 417. Borrowing from the TopClass 500 aesthetic, the coach features a gloss black Setra nameplate with chrome letters. The bumper was reshaped, and the fog lights are accented with chrome.[3]



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Demonstrator/engineering units

Thumbnail Year VIN Engine Transmission Notes
  • White
2004 WKKA34AD443000133
  • Black
Absolute Charters 01x-a.jpg
  • Tan base with "Experience success" decals
  • Dark purple base
  • Displayed at 2010 OTE Expo
2010 Mercedes-Benz OM 471 ZF 12AS2301BO
  • EPA 2010 compliant
  • Light blue with white and re waves
  • Unveiled at 2010 UMA Expo
  • Displayed at OTE 2010
Setra S 417 TC 2011 demonstrator-a.jpg 2011 Mercedes-Benz OM 471
  • Red with white lettering
2012 Mercedes-Benz OM 471
  • Burnt orange "Motorcoach Perfection"
  • Charcoal and tan interior
  • TopSky roof
2013 Mercedes-Benz OM 471
  • Charcoal
  • Grey interior
  • TopSky roof
2014 Mercedes-Benz OM 471
  • White with grey sweeping graphics
2014 Mercedes-Benz OM 471
  • Black with red graphics
  • Two-door
  • Black and orange interior w/ Club Corner
2015 Mercedes-Benz OM 471
  • Brown with tan graphics
  • Brown and tan interior
  • Displayed at 2015 UMA Expo
2016 Mercedes-Benz OM 471
  • Charcoal with magenta and white graphics
  • Two door
  • Black and terracotta interior w/ Club Corner
  • TopSky roof
  • Displayed at 2016 UMA Expo


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