Sound Transit Sounder 921-923

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Sounder 921-923 are 2013 MPI MP40PH-3C locomotives.

Initially announced on September 8, 2011[1] in a joint contract announcement by MotivePower. These locomotives were the first in the MPI MPXpress series to be Tier 3 compliant.

Engine Main Generator Drive Motor Head-end Power (HEP) Control System Gearing Top Speed
EMD 16-710G3B-T3
(Max 4,000bhp at 954 rpm)
(Max 4200 Amps)
x4 GM D78BTR
(1200 Amps Continuous)
Caterpillar C27-ACERT 27L V12 Diesel
Marathon 572RSL4915BA Alternator
Q-Tron QES-III 56:21 79mph
(Overspeed - 83mph)


Sound Transit's MP40PH-3Cs were constructed under a single order identifier. 921-923 were constructed under Order 2405.

Fleet Number Thumbnail Date Serial Status/Disposal Notes
921 Sound Transit 921-a.jpg 01/2013 0412-01 Active
922 Sound Transit 922-a.jpg 02/2013 0412-02 Active
923 Sound Transit 923-a.jpg 02/2013 0412-03 Active


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