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Stewart and Stevenson is a manufacturer of military vehicles and equipment related to the oil industry. Its military vehicle division became a part of BAE Systems in 2007, while its oil equipment division was acquired by Hushang Ansary in 2006 and operates as Stewart & Stevenson LLC.

For a brief stint from the 1987 to 1992,[1] S&S manufactured transit buses. Their chassis were commonly imported from Brazil and re-manufactured for the American Market. The most notable model was the Apollo T-40.

In 2006, S&S partnered with New Flyer Industries to create the NFI-S&S DE40i hybrid "Invero" transit bus. While the majority of the bus was built by NFI, S&S was responsible for installing the GM/Allison hybrid system. The DE40i was only ordered by one transit agency, which was Roaring Fork Transportation Authority in Aspen, CO.