Strathcona County Transit 8015-8016, 8018-8020

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Strathcona County Transit 8015-8016, 8018-8020 is wheelchair accessible.

Strathcona County Transit 8015-8016, 8018-8020 are Alexander Dennis Enviro500 buses built and delivered in 2016. Like the newest OC Transpo double-decker buses, the front and rear of the bus has a new styling, and the rear of the lower deck has a relocated fuel tank to accommodate more seats, as the previous series has the back row directly above the rear tag axle, reducing seating.

No unit was numbered 8017, the reason for this is because of the collision between a VIA Rail train and OC Transpo 8017, another Enviro500 bus, in 2013.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins ISL9 Allison B500R 84 Luminator Horizon


Fleet Number Thumbnail Date VIN License Plate Status/Disposal Notes
8015 Strathcona County Transit 8015-b.jpg 2016 SFETAM841FGN14334 BTR-3345 Active
8016 Strathcona County Transit 8016-a.jpg 2016 SFETAM849FGN14338 BTR-3349 Active
8018 Strathcona County Transit 8018-b.jpg 2016 SFETAM849FGN14341 BTR-3347 Active
8019 Strathcona County Transit 8019-a.jpg 2016 SFETAM842FGN14472 BTR-3346 Active
8020 Strathcona County Transit 8020-a.jpg 2016 SFETAM846FGN14488 BTR-3348 Active