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Transportation Manufacturing Corporation (TMC) was a bus manufacturer based in Roswell, New Mexico.


By the early 1970s Motor Coach Industries (MCI) had such a large amount of orders that production space for its parent company Greyhound Lines became limited. A subsidiary company called Transportation Manufacturing Corporation (TMC) was established in 1974 to manufacture MCI coaches for Greyhound. The TMC facility was a converted aircraft hangar in Roswell, New Mexico. Eventually, TMC would manufacture coaches for other operators.[1]

In 1978 Ontario Bus Industries (OBI) sold the rights to manufacture their Orion transit bus outside of Canada to TMC. This gave TMC their first transit bus in their product range. The bus was known as the City Cruiser and differed slightly in appearance from production Orion buses. OBI later reacquired the rights from TMC. And in 1982, established Bus Industries of America to manufacture buses for the American market.

TMC would again offer a transit bus when MCI purchased the transit division of General Motors (GM) in 1987. GM had decided to exit the bus manufacturing business. The manufacturing rights of the Rapid Transit Series (RTS) were transferred to TMC, and the RTS was produced in New Mexico. TMC ended production of MCI vehicles in 1990 and focused on RTS production.[1]

TMC and MCI were sold in 1993, and MCI soon divested itself of its transit segment. This was acquired by the newly formed Nova Bus who continued the production of the RTS in New Mexico and the Classic in Quebec.



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