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VINs vs. Serials for 1980 NYC buses

It's possible that these buses were assigned 6-digit serial numbers when built and 17-digit VINs when rebuilt. When I received a list of these buses that were rebuilt for NJ Transit from Murray Kramer years ago, the buses all had 17-digit VINs, and I can confirm from seeing 1596 at the Lakewood terminal a few weeks ago that it does indeed have a 17-digit VIN - 1GF4AA8K3AD092057. So would these buses need to be listed twice - once on the Serials page as NYCTA/MABSTOA buses, and then on the A VINs page as the NJT rebuilds? Thx., Dave Dave Mackey (talk) 12:01, 12 June 2018 (UTC)