Thunder Bay Transit 145-147

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Thunder Bay Transit 145-147 are Nova Bus LFS buses built in 2007. In July 2008, the city awarded a contract for the an audio/visual announcement system to Strategic Mapping. The system was installed in 2009 along with bike racks from Sportworks. The buses are also equipped with CCTV cameras. There is space for two wheelchairs behind the front wheel wells. This is the first batch of buses to be ordered with air conditioning which would be specified on subsequent orders.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Cummins ISL Allison B400R 36: American Seating 6468 Luminator Horizon


Thumbnail Date VIN Licence plate Livery Status/Disposal Notes
145 Thunder Bay Transit 145-a.JPG 01/2007 2NVYL82U473000046 382 5BL
(prev. BM7 598)
Tbt livery 3.png Active
146 01/2007 2NVYL82U673000047 382 3BL
(prev. BM7 599)
Tbt livery 3.png Active
147 01/2007 2NVYL82U873000048 998 4BH
(prev. BM7 600)
Tbt livery 3.png Active


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