Toronto Transit Commission W210-W214

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Toronto Transit Commission W210-W214 are StarTrans Bus Senator SII LF bodied buses on Ford F-450 chassis, also known as Dallas Smith Corporation's Friendly Bus.

These buses were originally built as demonstrators, and were acquired by the TTC at the same time as their second order of Friendly Buses (W215-W300).

They are used by the TTC for their paratransit service, known as WheelTrans. As W211 was delivered with an electronic destination sign, it was refitted for Community Bus service to replace 9700-9705 and 9706.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Ford Power Stroke 6.7L Diesel Ford 5R110W Freedman Seating Company 3PT Seat None


Thumbnail Date VIN License plate(s) Garage Status/Disposal Notes
W210 2009 1D9ZFCDHX9G648002 981 1BF Lakeshore Retired
September 2019
W211 Toronto Transit Commission W211-b.jpg 2009 1D9ZFCDHX9G648004 363 3BH Lakeshore Active
  • Previously demonstrated with Welland Transit.
  • Community Bus
  • Repainted in the LFLRV livery.
W212 2009 1D9ZFCDHX9G648005 753 1BF Lakeshore Retired
August 2019
  • Equipped with plastic front grill.
W213 2009 1D9ZFCDHX9G648006 753 2BF Lakeshore Retired
February 2019
  • Equipped with plastic front grill.
W214 765 1BF Lakeshore Retired
July 2019

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