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The Transit Museum Society of British Columbia (TMS, previously abbreviated as TRAMS before 2021) is an independent registered society established in 1986 to document and preserve the province’s transit heritage. It restores and operates vehicles significant to the history of public transit in British Columbia, and maintains a library which contains thousands of documents and other artifacts that build a comprehensive picture of its evolution.

Based in Langley with a secondary storage facility in Deroche, the Society currently has a fleet of seventeen vehicles: fifteen operational and two non-operational. These vehicles were previously in use by both public and private operating companies between 1937 and 2021. Volunteers from the Society also operated the Vancouver Downtown Historic Railway and carried out restoration and maintenance of the historic electric interurban cars used on that line, until its operation was suspended indefinitely in 2012.

Current fleet summary


Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Destination sign Notes
63 1937 Hayes-Anderson PCT32 Hercules YXC gasoline Non-synchromesh manual Rollsign
678 BC Transit 678-a.jpg 1959 GM TDH-4512 Detroit Diesel 6-71 Allison VH Rollsign
730 BCH GM OL 730 Frt Rt on Display.jpg 1957 GM TDH-4512 Detroit Diesel 6-71 Allison VH Rollsign
  • Ex-BC Transit 642.
  • Exx-BC Hydro Transit 730.
  • Née BC Electric Railway 730.
  • Displayed at Expo 86 as 642.
  • Restored externally and converted into a mobile exhibit in 1989 for BC Transit's 1990 Centennial Celebration.
  • Underwent refurbishment from late 2018 to mid-2019
M852 BC Hydro Transit 4852-a.jpg 1947 Twin Coach 41-S Fageol FTC 180 Rollsign
2040 BC Electric 2040-a.jpg 1947 CCF Brill T-44 GE electric N/A Rollsign
2416 BC Hydro Transit 2416-a.jpg 1954 CCF Brill T-48A Electric N/A Rollsign
2649 1976 Flyer E800 Detroit Diesel 6V71N Spicer 183 Rollsign
2805 BC Transit 2805-a.jpg 1983 Flyer E902 Westinghouse electric N/A Rollsign
3106 Coast Mountain Bus Company 3106-a.jpg 1991 New Flyer D40 Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Allison HT(B)-748 Luminator Super:MAX
3334 Vancouver Regional Transit System 3334-a.jpg 1982 Flyer D901A Detroit Diesel 6V71N Allison V730 Rollsign
3404-3405 BC Transit 3404-a.jpg 1957 CCF Brill CD-52-TC AEC AH-690 Spicer Torque converter Rollsign
4107 Coast Mountain Bus Company 4107-a.jpg 1982 GMDD T6H-5307N Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Allison V730 Rollsign
4276 Coast Mountain Bus Company 4276-a.jpg 1990 MCI TC40-102N Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Voith D863.3ADR Rollsign
4612 BC Hydro Transit 4612-a.jpg 1964 GMDD TDH-4519 Detroit Diesel 6V71N Allison VS2-6 Rollsign
9753 BC Transit 9753-b.jpg 1996 New Flyer D40LF Detroit Diesel Series 50 Allison B400R Luminator Super Matrix:MAX

Retired, sold, or scrapped fleet summary (incomplete)


Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Destination sign Notes
132 Edmonton Transit System 132-a.jpg 1982 GM/BBC HR150G BBC electric N/A Rollsign
  • Based on T6H-5307N.
  • Ex-Edmonton Transit System 132.
  • Salvaged for parts and scrapped in April 2022 following an unsuccessful attempt to donate to the Public Transport and Infrastructure Association in Sofia, Bulgaria
6228 Horizon Coach Lines of Vancouver 6228-a.jpg 1947 CCF Brill IC-41 Hall-Scott Model 190 Spicer 4-speed non-synchromesh manual Rollsign


The Society used to operate the Vancouver Downtown Historic Railway, but operations ceased after 2011 and the line was effectively closed thereafter. All streetcars were donated to the Fraser Valley Historical Railway Society in Surrey, BC.


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