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TfL logo.png

Transport for London Logo (roundel)

Transport for London, also known by the acronym "TfL" oversees the planning and implementation of public transportation in the city of London, England. TfL is managed by a board of transit ministers who are appointed by the Mayor of London.


TfL is known locally as well as internationally for the use of a roundel design on virtually all logos pertaining to TfL. The roundel is part of a cohesive package, with different shading for each division of TfL, and a standardized typeface used throughout. The most recognizable is that of the London Underground, depicted with a thick red coloured circle, with a blue coloured rectangular banner overlapping approximately the middle third of the circle. Other colouring variations exist with each individual subsidiary.

The roundel used for the parent agency (Transport of London) is all blue, with the print "Transport for London" in New Johnston typeface.[1] The typeface Hammersmith 1 is also acceptable for use, and is typically offered free as an open source font.

Official coloring palette of Transport for London

[2] [3]

Roundels for individual agencies

Agency Thumbnail
Pantone CMYK RGB (HEX) RGB (Decimal) NCS Notes
Transport for London #000099 PMS 072 C100 M88 Y0 K5 #0019a8 R0 G25 B168 NCS S 4060-R80B
Emirates Air Line #cc3333 PMS 198 C0 M100 Y81 K4 #dc241f R220 G36 B31 n/a
London Buses #cc3333 PMS 485 C0 M95 Y100 K0 #dc241f R220 G36 B31 NCS S 1085-Y80R
London Coaches
#ff9900 PMS 130 C0 M30 Y100 K0 #f1ab00 R241 G171 B0 NCS S 1070-Y20R
Elizabeth Line
(CrossRail Project)
#9966cc PMS 266 C73 M81 Y0 K0 #9364cc R147 G100 B204 n/a
Santander Cycles #cc3333 PMS n/a C0 M93 Y100 K0 #dc241f R220 G36 B31 n/a
London Dial-a-Ride
#cc33cc PMS Purple C38 M88 Y0 K0 #b727bf R183 G39 B191 NCS S 2060-R70B
Docklands Light Railway #009999 PMS 326 C87 M0 Y38 K0 #00afad R0 G175 B173 NCS S 2050-B50G
London Overground #ff6600 PMS 158 C0 M61 Y97 K0 #ef7b10 R239 G123 B16 NCS S 0585-Y50R
London River Services #0099cc PMS 299 C85 M19 Y0 K0 #00a0e2 R0 G160 B226 NCS S 2060B
Taxi and Private Hire #9999cc PMS 2715 C57 M45 Y0 K0 #8480d7 R312 G128 B215 NCS S 2060-R70B
TfL Rail #000099 PMS 072 C100 M88 Y0 K5 #0019a8 R0 G25 B168 NCS S 4060-R80B
London Trams #00cc00 PMS 368 C57 M0 Y100 K0 #00bd19 R0 G189 B25 NCS S 0580-G30Y
London Underground #000099 PMS 072 C100 M88 Y0 K5 #0019a8 R0 G25 B168 NCS S 4060-R80B Note: This is used for London Underground as a combined agency. Each individual subway line is assigned a specific color scheme, similar to that of TfL subsidiaries. See London Underground section "line coloring scheme" for details.
Visitor Centre #cc0066 n/a C0 M100 Y0 K0 #dc006b R220 G0 B107 n/a

Explanation of abbreviations
CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
HEX: Hexidecimal Number
NCS: Natural Color System
PMS: Pantone Matching System
RGB: Red, Green, Blue

Transport for London Responsibilities

London Buses

London Bus Services Ltd. (LBSL, operating as London Buses) is a division of TfL that is responsible for managing the bus system in London. While London Buses is responsible for route planning and determining service levels, operations of individual routes are contracted to private companies.

Current operators

London Buses currently contracts bus operations to 8 corporations. Some of these corporations have multiple operating subsidiaries, which are listed in parenthesis.

Former operators

London Underground

The London Underground is comprised of eleven individual lines, covering the majority of the City of London. As of August, 2016, London Underground has added overnight services (called Night Tube) on Friday and Saturday nights over the Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly, and Victoria lines. This network is sub-divided into three service delivery units:

  • BCV: Bakerloo, Central, Victoria and Waterloo & City lines.
  • JNP: Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines.
  • SSL (Sub Surface Lines): Metropolitan, District, Circle and Hammersmith & City lines.

Night tube lines run Friday night into Saturday morning, and Saturday night into Sunday morning only. This is listed to clarify that not all lines serve all stations during modified hours.

The roundel used for Underground services is red, with a dark blue banner overlay.

London Underground (Tube) lines

London Underground (Night Tube) lines

Docklands Light Railway

Docklands Light Railway (DLR) operates five regularly scheduled (and two special) automated light metro lines on a 24 mile network with 45 stations in the Docklands area of London.

DLR lines

Emirates Air Line

Emirates Air Line comprises a 1-kilometre (0.62 mi) gondola line that crosses the Thames from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Victoria Dock, to the west of ExCeL London. The duration of a single crossing is approximately ten minutes, however, may be faster during peak travel times.

London Overground

London Overground is comprised of seven lines, stopping at 112 stations.

The roundel used for Overground services is orange.

London Overground lines

London Trams (Tramlink)

Tramlink (London) trains operate on two distinctive lines, stopping at 40 individual stations along their lines in South London. In early-2018, the four-line network was streamlined to two. With the changes, there was an improved frequency for all stations.

The roundel used for Tramlink is green.

Tramlink Lines

London River Services

London River Services Limited is a division of Transport for London (TfL), which manages passenger transport—leisure-oriented tourist services and commuter services—on the River Thames in London. They do not own or operate any boats but license the services of operators.

The roundel used for London River Services is medium blue, with a banner with "River" overlaying the roundel.

TfL Rail

TfL Rail is comprised of a single line, between Liverpool Street and Shenfield.


TfL is also responsible for the Victoria Coach Station, London's road network, and London Transport Museum.

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