Twin Coach

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Twin Coach
company logo
company type Public
foundation 1927
Founder Frank R. & William B. Fageol
location Kent, Ohio
area served Canada, United States
industry Bus building
products Transit Buses

Twin Coach was a new company formed by the Fageol brothers when they left the American Car and Foundry (AC&F) in 1927 after AC&F's lack of interest in their ideas. They established the company in Kent, Ohio, to manufacture and sell buses with a new concept design. The new model was initially called the Model 100, but later became known as the Model 40. The body structure of this new bus was unique in that the body also became the frame and incorporated two Waukesha gas engines to obtain the horsepower for higher speeds and carry more passengers, hence the name "Twin Coach". This concept was patented by William B. Fageol.

In 1939, Twin Coach introduced a new suspension design called Gravity Suspension with resulted in a smoother ride for passengers.

The post-war Twins sported a new design which featured underfloor engines, six piece windshield & redesigned side windows with aluminum sheeting around the edges.

Over the years, Twin Coach made transit buses, Fageol 6 cylinder gasoline/propane bus engines, Fageol 44 Marine engines; aircraft, truck components.

Diesel powered buses became popular in the early 50's. Since Twin had been primarily a gasoline bus builder, they had difficulty fitting diesel engines in their models and sales declined as a result.

The bus operations were sold to Flxible in late 1952, and Flxible was allowed to the use the Twin name for 10 years. Also, in the late 1960's, the Twin Coach name was resurrected again, this time by the related company Highway Products, between 1968 and 1975.

Production Locations

Main production was in Kent, Ohio with buses also built in Buffalo, New York (identifiable by a 'B' after the serial number) and Fort Erie, Ontario (identifiable by a 'C' after the serial number.)



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