Twin Coach 41-S

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Twin Coach - 41-S/41-SP/41-SM/41-SW/41-SDT
Years of manufacture 1944-51
Power/Fuel Gasoline, Diesel, Propane

The Twin Coach 41-S was one of the post-war Twin models. It seated 41 passengers.


  • 41-S - single gasoline engine (base model)
  • 41-SDMRC - Diesel manual transmission rail car (built for Chile State Railways.)
  • 41-SDT - single diesel engine
  • 41-SM - manual transmission
  • 41-SP - single propane engine
  • 41-SRC - rail car (built for Missouri Pacific Railway.)
  • 41-SW - 102" wide version

A 41-D model was planned but never produced.



  • Fageol FTC 180 hp underfloor engine

Demonstrator Units

Fleet Number Thumbnail Year Serial Engine Transmission Notes
1946 1
1947? 3
1947? 92
1947? 272


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Preserved Coaches

Year Thumbnail Serial Original Owner Fleet Number Current Owner
1947 219 British Columbia Electric Railway M852 TRAMS
1947 261 Lakewood Rapid Transit Company 404 Ohio Museum of Transportation
1947 825 Tucson Rapid Transit Company 112 Old Pueblo Trolley Museum
1948 Metro Employees Historic Vehicle Association 172.jpg Seattle Transit System 172 Metro Employees Historic Vehicle Association (Seattle)
1949 1223 Atlantic City Transportation Company 335 Ohio Museum of Transportation