Twin Coach 44-S/44-D

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Twin Coach - 44-S/44-D/44-SP/44-SM/44-SDT
Years of manufacture 1945-51
Power/Fuel Gasoline, Diesel, Propane

Twin Coach 44-S was one of the post-war Twin models. It seated 44 passengers. The 44-D model proved unsatisfactory and were converted to a single engine.


  • 44-D - dual gasoline engines
  • 44-S - single gasoline engine
  • 44-SDT - single diesel engine
  • 44-SM - single gasoline engine with manual transmission
  • 44-SP - single propane engine



  • Fageol 200 hp underfloor engine

Demonstrator Units

Fleet Number Thumbnail Year Serial Engine Transmission Notes
? 1947? 152
? 1948 348


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Preserved Coaches

Year Thumbnail Serial Original Owner Fleet Number Current Owner
1947 3 Cleveland Transit System 3662 Ohio Museum of Transportation
1947 7 Cleveland Transit System 3666 Ohio Museum of Transportation
1947 45 Cleveland Transit System 3704 Ohio Museum of Transportation
1950 Edmonton Transit System Historic Fleet 59-a.jpg 657C Edmonton Transit System 59 Edmonton Transit System