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United Safety & Survivability Corporation, known as USSC Group Inc. prior to 2020, provides survivability and mobility solutions to the commercial and military transportation markets. The group currently consists of different companies which break down to 5 main areas of expertise. These are; seating, fire suppression, service and testing, vehicle manufacturing, and adventure tourism.[1]


The Company was founded in 1986 focusing on traditional driver seat markets. In 2000, USSC entered the Bus and Light Rail passenger seat markets.

In 2005, USSC Group and Freedman Seating Company announced a joint venture called 4ONE. On August 1, 2017, Freedman sold its portion of 4ONE to USSC. As part of the sale, USSC and Freedman entered into a long-term manufacturing agreement.


United States Seating

United States Seating manufactures driver and operator seats for the mass transit bus and rail markets.

Global Seating

Global Seating Systems LLC manufactures driver/operator and passenger seats for military vehicle applications.

First Responders

First Responders manufactures seating for emergency vehicles.

Fogmaker North America

Fogmaker manufactures fire suppression systems for use on transit vehicles.

United States Seating products



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