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This is Enzo Aquarius' User Page
Having browsed CPTDB for quite some time, I decided to finally contribute to the transit community by helping on this wiki and contributing to the forums.

Transits I have Been On

Duty list

  • Greatly expand the York Region Transit pages to include more information (namely route stops Check Mark.png and special notes). Expand fleet pages to include more information about buses ala some of the Quebec fleet pages.
  • Get the GO Transit bus/coach Check Mark.png, stations and lines pages up and running.
  • Using web pages, expanding content for other or lesser-known transits, whether in Ontario, Canada, United States or abroad.
  • Slowly work into the TTC system to assist in those pages.
  • Take pictures.
  • Fix any errors that come up.1

Reference Test For YRTeen

  • 1 - Some exceptions apply, see in-store for details. All rights reserved. Yadda yadda yadda.

Note to Self