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Locale All over the place
Founded 1997
Home route(s) N/A
Favorite Vehicle(s) Nova Bus LFS, Grande West Vicinity, Alexander Dennis Enviro500, UTDC ICTS, 500 Series Shinkansen
Preferred Bus Drivetrain Cummins/BAE HybriDrive

User "New Flyer D40LFR" (YouTube: ICTSProductions, Flickr: ICTSPhotography) is a transit/rail enthusiast living in Markham, ON. He travels frequently and can be found pretty much everywhere.

Ground/Rail Public Transit Vehicles travelled in (incomplete)

This user has previously travelled in (or will be travelling in) the following ground/rail public transport vehicles:

Aircraft travelled in (Note necessarily winged aircraft; incomplete)

This user has travelled on (or will travel on) the following aircraft (and magnetically-suspended vehicles).

Ground/Rail Transit Companies travelled on

This user has travelled on (or will be on) ground/rail vehicles from the following transit agencies/operators:


Some photos that this user has uploaded onto CPTDB Wiki. | Visit this user's Flickr page for more photos (transit and otherwise).