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Orion VIII is a transit and rail enthusiast from Mississauga, Ontario, where his home system is Mississauga Transit. He actively photographs transit and rail equipment and operations, keeps track of assignments, and studies happenings in the industries. He also collects any and all transit and rail related paraphernalia, especially transfers, and has attended recent conventions of the Bus History Association and Motor Bus Society as well as various charters held by both the Toronto Transportation Society and YUL Bus Charters. In 2009, he planned the July 19th charter of Mississauga Transit 9132, which saw 30 (29 passengers and one operator) transit enthusiasts travel around Mississauga, visiting several points of interest. Orion VIII planned similar charters in July 2010 for Brampton Transit 8899 and Mississauga Transit 9832. He has been a member of the Halton County Radial Railway since childhood.


As An Active Transit Enthusiast

Orion VIII believes all those interested in any aspect of the hobby should be accepted by others, no matter what their specific interest. They should keep a good name for the hobby, by conducting themselves respectably, acting knowledgeable, and ensuring they know their rights, especially when they are photographing transit systems. Most of all, have fun!

On The CPTDB Wiki

Orion VIII strives to provide as much information as possible to the visitor which has been obtained from a variety of sources, some of which wish to remain anonymous. He aims for the utmost in accuracy, and where possible, provides real-time updates based on his observations. He takes pride in offering the best possible photos for use on the CPTDB Wiki.


The following transit systems have been photographed, observed and ridden by Orion VIII.

Orion VIII
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