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Mississauga Transit route info boxes

Do you think its better to put the type of buses that are used on the route like before to be more specific or just leave it as 40',60' etc. Also I think express route boxes should be in blue. I also suggest putting the current map right under the infobox like TTC routes so readers can see the current map better than seeing a bunch of older maps at the bottom. Just letting you know about this. I'm not trying to revert your changes. -noahrp24 8:25pm (EST)

-Just wondering if you seen my reply on my discussion page-noahrp24

Yes, and I have created the MiExpress infobox which is blue as you had suggested. Silly Tilley 01:21, 13 October 2014 (UTC)

Port of Portland fleet info

I noticed you updated the info with correct info for the Port of Portland fleet. Thank you for correcting me, but I was wondering where you found the info for the fleet? -OR Transit Fan 11:19pm (PDT)