Virginia Railway Express V40-V41

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Virginia Railway Express V40-V41 were 1999 model EMD F59PHI locomotives.

They were leased from Sound Transit from 2002-2008 due to an equipment shortage. They operated with leased BiLevel cars V101-V103, V105, V301-V309, V311-V312, V314, V327-V328 as part of two complete trainsets. The leased equipment retained their white, blue and teal Sounder livery, but had VRE logos and fleet numbers applied.

Engine Horsepower Gearing Top Speed HEP generator
EMD 12-710G3C-EC 3,000 hp 79:22 110 mph CAT


Fleet Number Thumbnail Date Serial Status/Disposal Notes
V40 01/2000 986906-3 Retired
Returned to Sounder in 2008.
V41 01/2000 986906-4 Retired
Returned to Sounder in 2007.