Voith DIWAhybrid

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The Voith DIWAhybrid is a parallel hybrid system for buses best suited in a environment with higher average speeds. The DIWAhybrid is based on Voith's DIWA automatic transmission for buses. It incorporates an asyncronous electric motor and an inverter developed by Voith. the DIWA hybrid was launched first in Europe in 2008 and in North America later that year at the APTA trade show. Gillig is the first North American bus manufacturer to offer the DIWAhybrid. The DIWAhybrid was first incorporated into a Gillig BRT model for demonstration.

Performance data

  • Max. input power: 388 hp
  • Max. input torque: 1600 Nm (1700 Nm under certain conditions)
  • Motor/generator output: 150 kW
  • Additional system weight: approx. 640 kg (includes energy storage and engine size optimization by 230 kg)