Volvo Buses 9700

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Volvo Buses 9700
Platzl Reisen LL678AW-a.jpg
Styling from 2006 to present.
Years of manufacture 2001 to present
Length 10.4 to 15 metres
Width 2550 millimetres
Power/Fuel Diesel
Unibus CZ 650 WD-a.jpg
Styling from 2001 to late 2006.

The Volvo Buses 9700 is a tourist coach available in multiple lengths and heights. It has a gently sloping floor to the rear offering better visibility for all passengers. Prevost Car markets a North American version in the United States and Canada.[1]


The 9700 is part of a range of buses built on Volvo's TX Platform. Introduced in 2001, the TX Platform's modular approach allows greater variation in model offerings with a more efficient construction process. At its launch, the 9700 was built on the B12M chassis, followed by the B12B chassis. A horizontal 12-litre engine was mounted at the middle or rear of the stainless steel chassis. The TX Platform also introduced new electronically controlled disc brakes.

The exterior of the 9700 was redesigned in 2006 with a more round, sculpted front end and new headlights and tail lights. In addition, the Front Underrun Protection System (FUPS), which serves to protect automobile passengers in the event of a bus-car frontal collision, was introduced on the coach. Two years prior, Volvo introduced Front Impact Protection (FIP) and Knee Impact Protection which absorbs and diverts impact forces away from the driver in the event of a frontal collision.[2] Other safety features include the Electronic Stability System and Hill Start Aid (prevents the coach from rolling backwards when starting on a hill).[3][4]

In October 2009, the 9700 was introduced on the B13R chassis, which featured increase power and fuel economy while meeting the Euro 5 emission levels. The stainless steel chassis, with a rear mounted 13 litre engine, replaced the B12M and B12B.

At the end of 2012, Volvo introduced an updated 9700. It has a smoother lower front end and different character lines on the bumper. The bottom edge of the rear window repeats the same shape that is under the windshield. Two months prior, Volvo introduced a line of seating with improved ergonomics, weight savings, and easier maintenance. Furthermore, the 9700 was made available with LED interior lighting. Regular production of the new 9700 began with the introduction of the Euro 6 emissions standard. It is built on the B8R chassis or the B11R chassis.[5]

In May 2018, Volvo introduced the completely redesigned versatile 9700 and luxury 9900 coaches. As previously, the 9700 has a level floor while the 9900 has a sloping, theatre-style floor. Production of the new models was due to begin in September 2018.[6]

Rather than body-on-chassis construction, both models are integrally constructed. One of the benefits of integral construction is a reduction in the coach's weight. Components from the B11R chassis, such as the Euro 6 D11K engine, are used. The coaches also use the Volvo RS1228C drive axle and independent front suspension. A one-piece sandwich construction roof also lowered the weight as well as centre of gravity.

The 9700 features a large windshield with gloss black underneath showcasing the Volvo branding. The roof-mounted HVAC is near the front with an obtrusive, aerodynamic cap that blends into the front. New headlights are punctuated by a diagonal line of white light and sweeping character lines. The rear has similar lines and slightly revised tail lights.

North American version

Beginning in 2009, a version of the 9700 is available in Canada and the United States through Prevost Car. At its introduction, it featured a rear-mounted 13-litre engine designed to meet EPA emissions levels. Unlike its European counterpart, the North American 9700 has a two-piece windshield and does not feature a rear window. Inside, the North American 9700 is further distinguished by its interior fittings—most notably the ceiling, parcel racks, and service sets. The driver's area is largely unchanged.

The interior of the North American 9700 was redesigned in 2012.[7] An updated entranceway has a new modesty panel that features cup holders. The overhead parcel racks were redesigned as were the passenger service sets. The service sets are accented by LED blue night lighting. New finishes were introduced with more uniform colour for some interior components and woodgrain-look flooring.

At the 2019 UMA Expo, Prevost introduced an option for a door at the middle of the 9700 similar to its European counterpart. Along with this option comes the relocation of the lavatory from the rear of the coach to street-level ahead of the middle door. A wheelchair lift can also be installed at the middle door during production or after as a retrofit. Whereas the 9700 previously had seats bolted in place into the floor, the updated 9700 uses adjustable seat tracks, allowing for easier reconfiguration of the interior. Lower mounted North American–style mirrors are now an option.[8]


Length Availability
12.3m, 13m, 13.8m
10.4m to 15m 2002 to 2009
12m, 13m, 13.7m, 14.5m 2009 to 2012
12.3m to 14.9m 2013 to 2018
12.4m, 13.1m, 13.9m 2018 onward
Height Availability
3.6m or 3.7m
3.40m, 3.60m, 3.70m 2004 to 2009
3.15m, 3.35m, 3.50m 2009 to 2012
3.60m or 3.75m 2013 to 2018
3.650m 2018 onward
Engine Emissions Availability
Volvo D8K 7.7 litre, 350 hp Euro 6 2013 onwards
Volvo D11K 10.8 litre, 380, 430 or 460 hp Euro 6 2013 onwards
Volvo DH12D 12 litre; 340 hp, 380 hp, 420 hp Euro 3 2001 to 2007
Volvo DH12E 12 litre; 340 hp, 380 hp, 420 hp, or 460 hp Euro 4, 5 (incentive) or EEV 2006 to 2009
Volvo D13C 13 litre, 420 or 460 hp Euro 5 2009 to 2014
Volvo D13 w/ EGR 12.8 litre, 435 EPA 2007 2009 to 2010
Volvo D13 w/ SCR, 12.8 litre, 435 hp EPA 2010, OBD13, GHG14, OBD2016, GHG17 2010 onwards
Transmission Availability
Volvo I-Shift 12 speed
Allison B500[9] (North America, Optional)
4, 5 or 6 speed automatic No longer offered
6 or 8 speed manual No longer offered
Rear Axle
Volvo single reduction w/ optional differential lock
Electronically controlled air suspension
Idependent front suspension option
Electronically controlled disc ABS with ASR and ESC option


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United States Flag of the United States.png


  • Platzl-Reisen - Traun, Upper Austria


  • Unibus Europa Travel - Vicenza


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