Volvo Buses B9TL

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Volvo Buses B9TL
Kowloon Motor Bus AVBWU108.jpg
3-axle B9TL with Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 body
Lothian Buses 304.jpg
2-axle B9TL with Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 body
Years of manufacture 2002 to 2018
Length 9.8 to 12.8m
Width 2465 millimetres

The Volvo Buses B9TL is a three-axle or two-axle low floor double deck bus chassis. The three axle B9TL was launched first in 2002 and replaced the B10TL. Kowloon Motor Bus took possession of the first prototype in 2003 and placed their first order in 2005. The two axle B9TL replaced the B7TL in 2006 with the first examples purchased by Delaine Buses.

The two-axle B9TL was replaced by the Euro 6 B5TL in 2014. The three-axle B9TL was replaced by the B8L in 2018.

The B9TL is constructed from steel and has the 9.3-litre engine mounted transversely at the rear. The engine's cooling system is located across the engine on the closed side.

Bodies that have been fitted on the B9TL include the Alexander Dennis Enviro400 and Enviro500, Comfort Delgro Engineering body for Singapore, Optare Olympus, Wright Eclipse Gemini and Eclipse Gemini 2.



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