Volvo D9B

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The Volvo D9B is a turbocharged, intercooled, 9.4 litre diesel engine. It has six cylinders arranged inline with four valves per cylinder. Efficient combustion is achieved through high turbo boost pressure and high compression. The engine’s electronics also control precise fuel injection to aid in efficient combustion. The fuel injectors have a high injection pressure as a result of a rocker arm driven by an overhead camshaft.

The engine meets Euro 4 and Euro 5 (incentive) and Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle EEV standards through selective catalytic reduction (SCR). SCR is the process of transforming he nitrogen oxides (NOx) into nitrogen gas and water using and additive (AdBlue) and catalyst.


Type Max. Power Max. revs Max. Input Torque Emmission Certification
D9B260 260 hp @ 1900 rpm 2400 rpm 1100 Nm @ 900-1500 rpm Euro 4, Euro 5 (incentive), EEV
D9B310 310 hp @ 1900 rpm 2400 rpm 1400 Nm @ 1100-1500 rpm Euro 4, Euro 5 (incentive), EEV
D9B360 360 hp @ 1900 rpm 2400 rpm 1600 Nm @ 1200-1500 rpm Euro 4, Euro 5 (incentive), EEV