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Walter Alexander Coachbuilders was a manufacturer of bus bodies based in Falkirk, Scotland. It was founded by Walter Alexander and his son as W. Alexander & Sons Limited. In 1929, Walter Alexander joined the Scottish Motor Traction Company (SMT), which allowed for vast expansion of the company. Following nationalization of bus service, the bus body building segment of the business was transferred to a new entity known as Walter Alexander and Co (Coachbuilders) Limited. In 1995, this company was acquired by the Mayflower Corporation, who also acquired Dennis.[1] Mayflower merged with Henlys, who owned Plaxton, in 2001, forming TransBus International. Financial trouble in 2004 saw the Plaxton segment sold, becoming its own company again, and the Alexander and Dennis segments sold together, forming Alexander Dennis.



Double-deck buses

  • A type and J type - double-deck body (for Atlantean/Fleetline) to 1972
  • D type, K type and AD type (A for alloy) - lowheight double-deck body (mainly on Fleetline chassis)
  • L type and AL type - double-deck body (for Atlantean/Fleetline/VR) from 1972
  • AV type - double-deck body for Volvo Ailsa B55
  • R type - including RH, RL, RV, RLC, RVC, RHS and Royale - post 1981 double deck body
  • ALX series -
  • CB type - for China Motor Bus
  • KB type - for Kowloon Motor Bus
  • LB type - for New Lantao Bus
  • MB type - for Manila Bus
  • SB type - for Singapore Bus Service

Single-deck buses and coaches

  • Y type - including AY and AYS types (A for alloy)
  • W type
  • M type - Motorway coach for Scottish Bus Group Anglo-Scottish services
  • T type - including AT, TS, TC, TE (A for alloy, S for stage, C for coach, E for express)
  • P type
  • PS type - development of P type, the popular with Stagecoach, Singapore Bus Service have 600 Volvo, Scania and Mercedes buses with PS type bodywork since 1988.
    • Strider - Enhanced version from PS typr bodywork for the heavy duty single deckers
  • N type - built by Alexander (Belfast)
  • Q type - built by Alexander (Belfast)
  • AF type (Strider) - successer to PS type
  • AM type -
  • Ultra - Alexander (Belfast) version of Swedish Säffle body for the Volvo B10L
  • ALX series -
    • ALX100 - minibus
    • ALX200 - small low-floor single-deck
    • ALX300 - full-size low-floor single-deck
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