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The Yellow Coach Manufacturing Company was founded in 1923 as a subsidiary of the Yellow Cab Company by John D. Hertz and was an early player in bus manufacturing in the United States.

General Motors Corporation became a majority owner of the company in 1925 and changed the name to the Yellow Truck & Coach Manufacturing Company. In 1943 General Motors Corporation purchased the company and folded it into the GM Truck Division to form the GM Truck & Coach Division. Although GM continued with the Yellow Coach product line, the Yellow Coach badge gave way to the GM nameplate in 1944.


U-model buses (1928-1935)

V-model buses (1930-1936)

W-model buses (1928-1934)

X-model buses (1924-1928)

Y-model buses (1924-1932)

Z-model buses (1923-1930)

700-series buses (1932-1939)

1200-series buses (1938-1940)

Old Look

The Old Look transit bus was introduced in 1940 by Yellow Coach beginning with the production of the model TG-3201 bus.

Parlor coaches (1940-1944)