York Mills GO Bus Terminal

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York Mills GO Bus Terminal
Number of GO routes 6
GO Transit Fare Zone 05
Opening Date 1992

York Mills GO Bus Terminal is located at 4023 Yonge Street in the former city of North York, and is integrated into the lower level York Mills Centre. The GO Bus terminal is the upper level of York Mills subway station. York Mills Centre provides passengers with an indoor connection between the TTC and GO Transit. The Gateway Newstand acts as a GO ticket agent.


By the summer of 2012, renovations were completed at the terminal. Platforms 2 and 3 were expanded and the wall separating the passenger waiting area was rehabilitated. A new ceiling incorporating LED lighting and wood accents was added.


  • Platform 1: GO 92 westbound
  • Platform 2: GO 33 westbound
  • Platform 3: GO 32 westbound
  • Platform 4: Unused
  • Platform 5: Unused
  • Platform 6: GO 92 eastbound
  • Platform 7: GO 19B, 27B, 36 westbound