York Region Transit 2053-2054

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Interior layout of 2053-2054.

York Region Transit 2053-2054 were Orion 05.501 buses built in 1991 and acquired by YRT in 2001. These buses were originally purchased by Markham Transit, and retained their original numbers.

Both units were refurbished in 2006. During refurbishment, they received their new YRT livery, and had their large front rollsign replaced with a Luminator Matrix:MAX sign.

They were usually found on routes 1 Highway 7, 2 Milliken, 2A 14th Avenue, 9 9th Line, 18 Bur Oak, 40 Unionville Local, 41 Markham Local, and various school specials.

2053 was replaced in January 2011 by 1025-1030. 2054 was retained a few extra months due to the early retirement of 2064, and was eventually replaced by 1101-1120.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Voith D863 3 speed 45 American Seating 6468 Luminator Matrix:MAX


Fleet number Thumbnail Date VIN License plate Paint Garage Status/Disposal Notes
2053 York Region Transit 2053-b.jpg 1991 2B1569773M5030876 BF4 022 York Region Transit Old Complete scheme.PNG Miller (Markham) Retired
January 2011
2054 York Region Transit 2054-a.jpg 1991 2B1569776M5030872 BF4 021 York Region Transit Old Complete scheme.PNG Miller (Markham) Retired
April 2011
Front destination sign has fallen down below the shield, blocking the last few rows of the pixels.