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York Region Transit was created in 2001, with the combination of 4 different transit agencies. Obviously, not all the vehicles could be repainted before service started. This page details the many different paint schemes that have transversed York Region during the 21st century.

Ex-Markham Transit Markham Transit Livery.png

2027 carrying Markham livery

This is the Markham Transit livery that was carried by all Markham Transit buses when YRT took over operations in 2001. The main body of the bus was white, with a thick gold stripe sandwiched by chocolate stripes. Most of these buses were not reliveried quickly, unlike their Vaughan and Newmarket counterparts.

The New Looks were reliveried starting in 2000 (before full YRT takeover) into the 1st generation scheme, and the Classics mostly recieved liveries 1st generation livery by 2002, with upgrades to full YRT in 2004. The VIs were all repainted by 2004 as well. The Vs were next, refurbished and repainted in 2006. The last ones to be repainted were the Is, and by this point they were so old that 2024 and 2027 were retired with their old Markham Transit liveries. 2030 and 2036 were repainted into full YRT scheme in early 2006, and 2020-2023 along with 2006 were repainted into full YRT when they were moved to Newmarket. The remaining Is were not so lucky, however; by late 2006, the new YRT scheme was released, forcing YRT to repaint the remaining Markham liveried Is into Ghost scheme, which they remained in until retirement.

Markham Express

2070's Express variation

2068-2072, designated 'Express' buses, had a modified version of the livery, seen at the left. It had the same Markham colours, with a swooping motion and Express lettering.

Ex-Newmarket Transit

9802 in Newmarket Transit livery.

The Newmarket Transit livery was a white background with black windows and a deep red stripe below it. Some buses have a red stripe above the windows with a white background. As well, buses, such as the 9800s, have red around the destination sign. Other buses feature black paint around the destination sign.

Orion Is featured a different scheme than other buses. Everything from the bottom to the top of the windows was black, with the black area becoming larger to fill up the window area of the front of the bus along with the destination sign. A red line slightly underneath the windows stretched from the back of the bus to the middle of the front wheel-well. Most of the front of the bus and bottom part of the door and other side were also painted red. Everything else was left white. This style was also utilized by Aurora Transit, however the front red section was painted black.

Buses were reliveried quicker, mainly due to the smaller number of Newmarket buses. Some of the first to be reliveried were the VIs into 1st generation, while some of the Is retained their old livery into 2004.

Ex-Richmond Hill Transit Richmond Hill Transit Livery.png

9828 carrying Richmond Hill Livery

The Richmond Hill Transit livery was a white background with a thick orange stripe sandwiched between 2 thinner green stripes. The stripes started at the bottom around the front, and turn vertical at the centre door (VIs had the stripe go vertical around where the centre doors are normally located) to run along the top of the bus around the back.

The D40s were some of the first to get coats of paint in 2002-03; many of their liveries was rather unique, with numerous buses getting the 1st generation paint scheme but having a royal blue destination sign, a hybrid of the 2 schemes. Other D40s remained in ghost livery. The VIs were reliveried into full YRT in 2005.

Ex-Vaughan Transit VaughanLivery.PNG

528 in Vaughan's livery

The Vaughan Transit livery consisted of a white bus with 2 stripes: green over navy surrounding the bus. Vaughan buses were probably repainted the quickest out of all the former agencies, with all buses being reliveried by 2004. The Vs were first, reliveried into 1st generation, while the Is all got the full YRT treatment.

1st Generation (Old Incomplete) York Region Transit Old Incomplete scheme.PNG

222 in 1st Generation

The 1st YRT livery ('Incomplete' or now 'Old Incomplete' with the release of the newest YRT livery) had a white bus with 2 arcs (Royal Blue towards front, Gold towards rear) with the gold arc only wrapping around the back of the bus. Many buses were initially reliveried into this scheme from their former colours, with most of them being re-reliveried into the full YRT scheme later. The SLFs were the only buses delivered in the 1st generation scheme, and they will likely never be reliveried into full scheme.

Full YRT livery (Old Complete) York Region Transit Old Complete scheme.PNG

562 in full old YRT scheme
307 with the Moving York Slogan

This was the standard YRT livery between 2003 and 2006. All new buses between 2003 and 2005 recieved this scheme, plus almost all the former agencies' buses were reliveried into this scheme. It features the 2 arcs seen with the 1st generation livery, but has a royal blue roofline in front of the arcs. The gold section touches the gold arc, while there is a space between the royal blue roofline and arc.

YRT's initial slogan, 'Moving York', was originally applied just behind the front wheel on both sides. These slogans were removed starting in 2006 after YRT dropped this slogan (compare 307 on right with 562 on left).


301 with express variation

301-306 have 'Express' decals applied just below the windows and behind the front door to signify their regular assignments on the Express series routes. They are the only vehicles to carry these stickers.

Interestingly, while 307-309 are often found on the express route 360, they do not have the 'Express' decals.

New Scheme York Region Transit New scheme.PNG

717 with the newest livery
850 with the new livery, but with shorter transition bars.
564 with the New Livery, without logos however logos were applied later on.

This scheme consists of a mainly white bus which fades into a deep blue at the rear in progressively darker sections. It will become YRT's standard scheme for the future, and was created to show a closer relationship with VIVA.

EZ Riders with the new livery have a smaller transition area in relation to those of the 40ft vehicles.

Unlike the old YRT scheme, there appears to be no 'Express' variant, so vehicles in that scheme will likely just receive standard YRT colours.

Repainting has been slow since it has been approved by the budget committee. In August 2008, a tender was issued to repaint 27 ElDorado EZ Rider II buses, and repainting of the EZRs started late in 2008, and continued through spring 2009. The order of repainting will be EZ Rider IIs, then VIs, D40LFs and finally Vs. However, many buses are being repainted when they require major body work like panel replacement. Examples of this include 307 and 9701.

When buses are initially repainted, they do not have logos applied, only fleet numbers. The logos are applied by the division at a later date.

New Y Scheme York Region Transit New Y scheme.png

611 showing off its YRT logo.
617 with a portion missing on the YRT logo.

The so-called 'New Y Scheme' is basically a variation of the New scheme. The only difference is that there is a large rotated 'Y' logo on the rear sections of buses it is applied to. On most buses, the logo is white, but there are also logos in YRT's official colours.

While a variation on the new YRT scheme, it was in fact the first scheme tested out on YRT buses. 610 had dual blue logos when it was wrapped in its gradient scheme, and 611 had one of each colour logo when it was the first repainted bus, and has retained those logos (both now white). All the 7xx were delivered without the Ys except 706, which for unknown reasons carried one of each colour.

Due to discrepancies with each division applying the Y individually, the Y on the driver's side may be located parallel to the stripes or in the same orientation as the one on the door side.

Many of the Y logos started peeling off in early 2009 due to poor application. This led YRT to officially drop the Y from its livery in March 2009, with all of them removed during that month.


5223 in VIVA's distinctive scheme
5137 with additional front logos

When VIVA was introduced in 2005, it needed to be completely different and unique from traditional YRT. This included its paint scheme. Starting completely from scratch, a powder blue main vehicle was combined with black windows and doors, a lighter blue fin on top and darker blue skirting. Just below the windows is a series of repeating VIVA logos in white.

Some vehicles carry a modified front; 2 sets of small VIVA logo chains are seen on either side of the large logo. The Van Hools used exclusively on VIVA routes are the only vehicles allowed to use this livery.

Ghost Scheme

617 with Ghost scheme. Presently, it has been repainted into the new scheme.

An all-white vehicle (commonly refered to as Ghost scheme) is a vehicle that is normally between liveries. 610-618 were delivered in ghost scheme because YRT's new livery was about to be introduced, so painting it in the (old) livery only to be repainted a few years later would be wasteful. A number of Markham Transit's Is were left in Ghost scheme as they were still in Markham colours by 2006, when the new livery was introduced.


Fake VIVA York Region Transit Fake Viva scheme.PNG

2028, dubbed 'Fake VIVA'

In early 2006, YRT repainted 2028 from it's old Markham colours into an experimental scheme, which was completely powder blue. Transit fans quickly dubbed this scheme (and 2028 itself) 'Fake VIVA' due to the colour's resemblance to the standard VIVA colour. 2028 was the only vehicle to be applied in this scheme, and the new scheme came out a few months after the repainting. This scheme stayed with 2028 until its retirement in June 2008.


610, in its proposed wrap

610 was wrapped in an experimental scheme very similar to what was adopted by YRT. Instead of distinct stripes, the colour fades in a gradient all the way to the rear. There are also 2 large YRT logos on both sides behind the rear door.

610 was unwrapped and repainted into standard new YRT colours (without logos) a few months later.

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