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ZF TraXon is a modular automated manual transmission for trucks and buses. It was launched at the 2012 IAA commercial vehicles trade show, and in 2015, was made more widely available. In 2018, TraXon replaced ZF's AS Tronic, which had been in production since 1997.[1][2]

The basic TraXon transmission has 12 or 16 ratios. It is available with a new ‘crawl’ function that allows the vehicle to move as soon as the brake pedal is released. This function can be turned on or off by the operator. A manoeuvring mode, where clutch engagement is limited to 75 percent, allows for a higher degree of precision in manoeuvring. In comparison to the AS Tronic, the TraXon is smaller and lighter.

One of the modules available on TraXon is the TraXon Hybrid module, which features a 120 kW electric motor. A dry clutch is integrated into the hybrid module to decouple the internal combustion engine. The vehicle can be propelled by electricity when necessary. While braking, the electric motor becomes a generator, sending electricity to the battery. A boost function, where electricity works with the engine, can improve performance and efficiency.[3]