Detroit Diesel Series 50G

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The Detroit Diesel Series 50G was an 8.5 litre, inline, 4-cylinder natural gas engine. Introduced in September 1993, the Series 50G was derived from the diesel-fueled Series 50. Both engines were popular for transit bus applications in the United States and Canada. The four stroke, overhead cam engine used a lean burn combustion process. It featured a wastegated turbocharger and air-to-air charge cooling. Production of the Series 50G engine ended in 2005.

The Series 50G engine was fully electronically controlled and used DDECIII and later DDECIV electronics.


Model Availability Notes
Detroit Diesel Series 50G GK 1993-1998
Detroit Diesel Series 50G TK 1998-2002
Detroit Diesel Series 50G MK
Detroit Diesel Series 50 MK-G
1999-2005 Larger cylinder heads


Model Max. Power Max. revs Max. Torque
DD50G 250HP 2100 rpm 780 lb-ft @ 1200 rpm
DD50G 275HP 2100 rpm 890 lb-ft @ 1200 rpm


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