General Motors Corporation

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General Motors Corporation was once an American manufacturer of buses. Bus production was located in Pontiac, Michigan, and the company built buses for companies around the world.

Yellow Cab Company was created in 1923 and in 1925 General Motors became a majority owner of the company, changing the name to the Yellow Truck & Coach Manufacturing Company. General Motors purchased the company outright in 1943 and it was merged with Truck Division of GM, being renamed the GM Truck & Coach Division. GM continued the Yellow Coach product line and in 1944 the GM badge replaced the Yellow Coach badge.

Bus Models

GM also produced several chassis for school bus/cutaway applications



In 1961 GM opened a plant in London, Ontario, Canada, (General Motors Diesel Division or GMDD) that built buses as well as military vehicles and railway equipment.

Vehicle Components


  • Duramax diesel engines (Under DMAX partnership with Isuzu)
  • Vortec gasoline engines