Jefferson Transit (LA) J223-J239

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Jefferson Transit (LA) J223-J239 is wheelchair accessible.

Jefferson Transit (LA) J223-J239 are 1998 Gillig Phantom 40' (C20D102N4) buses.

Motor Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Detroit Diesel Series 50 Allison B400R


Thumbnail Build
VIN License Plate Status/Disposal Notes
J223 8/1998 15GCD2019W1089066 PP147249 Retired
J224 8/1998 15GCD2010W1089067 PP147287 Retired
J225 8/1998 15GCD2012W1089068 PP147273 Retired
J226 8/1998 15GCD2014W1089069 PP147272 Retired
J227 8/1998 15GCD2010W1089070 PP147271 Retired
To Metro Area Transit 9821 in 2009
J228 8/1998 15GCD2012W1089071 PP147269 Retired
To Metro Area Transit 9825 in 2009
J229 8/1998 15GCD2014W1089072 PP147267 Retired
J230 8/1998 15GCD2016W1089073 PP147268 Retired
J231 8/1998 15GCD2018W1089074 PP147270 Retired
J232 8/1998 15GCD201XW1089190 Retired
To Metro Area Transit 9824 in 2009
J233 8/1998 15GCD2011W1089191 PP147280 Retired
J234 8/1998 15GCD2013W1089192 PP147286 Retired
J235 8/1998 15GCD2015W1089193 PP147279 Retired
J236 8/1998 15GCD2017W1089194 Retired
To Metro Area Transit 9823 in 2009
J237 8/1998 15GCD2019W1089195 Active
J238 8/1998 15GCD2010W1089196 Retired
To Metro Area Transit 9822 in 2009
J239 8/1998 15GCD2012W1089197 PP147275 Retired
To Metro Area Transit 9704 in 2008