Kingston Transit route 12

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Kingston Transit Logo.png
Service type Base
Number of Branches 1
Types of Buses Used D40LF/R XD40 LFS
Related Routes 601, 602

Kingston Transit route 12 is an accessible route operated by Kingston Transit in the city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Route Details

Route 12 starts at the Kingston Centre near the intersection of Bath & Princess. From there it travels south on Palace Road, east on Park Street, and then south on Regent to Johnson Street. It then travels east on Johnson Street to Kingston's downtown core. From there, it travels across the Lasalle Causeway onto Highway 2. Buses then loop clockwise around CFB Kingston via Craftsman, Princess Mary, and Lundy's Lane, before heading back westbound.

After 8PM, buses travel on Highway 2 instead of Craftsman.

As Johnson Street is a one way street going east, in the Kingston Centre-bound direction buses uses Brock Street instead.

This route has a 30-minute run frequency at all times.


In its original form, route 12 had a very complex routing and schedule.

In the western part of the route, the route used to travel all the way down Brock & Johnson to Palace Road performing a complex loop in the area. This was eliminated in favour of the present routing in May 2014, originally as a construction detour. However, it was found that this detour route actually performed better, and as such it was made permanent.

Several changes were made to the route east of downtown in 2015.

The route through CFB Kingston was originally a loop, it was changed to its present through route in 2015.

Originally, peak period service bypassed the base to provide a faster trip downtown for Highway 15 area residents. Route 12A provided replacement service between downtown and the base. However, this meant there was no direct service between the Highway 15 area and the base; such trips required a backtracking transfer downtown.

In 2015, a new pair of express routes, the 601 and 602, began providing express service between the Highway 15 area and the downtown core. With direct to downtown service provided by this new route, it was no longer necessary for route 12 to provide a fast trip downtown. As such route 12 was changed to provide service to the base in all time periods, and route 12A was eliminated.

Route 12 was also truncated to not go as far north. Originally route 12 travelled north all the way to the Innovation Park. It was then cut back to the Rideau Town Centre in 2015 to improve reliability. Once again, the 601 and 602 provide replacement service north of RTC to Innovation.

September 2016 saw the addition of hourly extra trips operating northbound between Downtown and Kingston Centre. These trips change to southbound route 4 trips upon arrival at Kingston Centre, providing a clockwise loop route through downtown Kingston.

Route 12 was truncated to loop clockwise within the military base in May 2018, with service north of the base completely replaced by routes 601 and 602. Reallocation of resources have allowed a 30-minute run frequency at all times to be introduced. This in turn has allowed discontinuation of the extra Sunday trips between Downtown and Kingston Centre.


Route 12 is primarily a 40ft route, and uses New Flyer D40LF/D40LFR, New Flyer XD40, and Nova LFS.

Major Stops

  • Kingston Centre: Western Terminus. Connection to routes 2, 3, 4, 11, 16, 501, 502, 701, 702.
  • Downtown Transfer Point: Connection to routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 18, 501, 502, 601, 602, 701, 702.
  • Ontario Street/The Tragically Hip Way: Stop for Rogers K-Rock Centre, Kingston-Wolfe Island Ferry. Connection to routes 601, 602.
  • Craftsman Boulevard/Highway 2
  • Rideau Town Centre: Eastern Terminus. Connection to routes 601, 602.
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