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Kingston Transit Logo.png
Service type Local
Number of Branches 1
Types of Buses Used D40LF/R XD40 IC Bus LC Series ARBOC SOM26D
Related Routes None

Route 14 is an accessible local/feeder route operated by Kingston Transit in the city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Route Details

This route runs in a clockwise loop, connecting the community of Cataraqui North with the main network.

This route serves Cataraqui Centre, the Kingston Gospel Temple Park & Ride, and the RioCan Centre. The route runs mainly on Crossfield Avenue, Waterloo Drive, and Taylor-Kidd Boulevard.


This route has one branch:

  • 14 - Loop via Crossfield Avenue, Waterloo Drive, and Taylor-Kidd Boulevard

Late-night runs interline with route 6.


  • September 2013: Route re-numbered from 'A' as part of a system overhaul.


Route 14 sees a mix of cutaway service provided by Arboc SOM26D and standard service provided by New Flyer Industries D40LF/R, New Flyer XD40, and Orion VI. Rarely, IC Bus LC Series may provide service.

Kingston Transit Logo.png
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